Our team

“If you want to have good ideas, you must have many ideas.” – Linus Pauling

Ivar Rønnestad

Project leader

Ivar Rønnestad is a professor and group leader at the Department of Biological Sciences. He has Rønnestad has >30 years experience with studies in fish physiology, and his group is part of the Marine Developmental Biology group at the University of Bergen.  Rønnestad has to date led >35 projects at regional, national and international level, including a H2020 Marie Skodowska-Curie Actions project, and many with the aquaculture industry. His expertise in the field on Atlantic salmon includes digestion, the gut brain axis, nutrition, feed intake and appetite, all key aspects in the CAPS project.

Odd André Karlsen

Work package leader

Odd André Karlsen is an associate professor and group leader of the environmental toxicology group at BIO, University of Bergen. His research interests concern the mechanisms and mode of actions underlying the toxicity of environmental pollutants, and how this may manifest across biological organizations and produce higher level effects (organism, population). Central topics within his current research activities include endocrine disruption, nuclear receptors, biomarkers, bioassays, and integrative genomics/toxicogenomics.

Rolf Erik Olsen

Work package leader

Rolf Erik Olsen is a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is also chairman of the International Research Consortium on Gastrointestinal Microbiota in Aquatic animals and the Sino-Norwegian Joint Lab on Gut Microbiota (NTNU-CAAS), and has 35 years of experience in stress physiology, new feed resources, fish welfare, lipid metabolism and microbial interactions.

Zhigang Zhou

Task leader

Prof. Zhigang Zhou of CAAS, is an expert in fish gastrointestinal microbiology. He was selected as 10000 Expert Plan of China and Outstanding Youth Funding of NSFC in 2019 and is on the editorial board of Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica and Aquaculture, a top journal of the field, and is the corresponding expert of Engineering, a journal of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Prof. Zhou has long-time cooperations with Norwegian scientists and initiated the China-Norway Joint Lab on Fish Gut Microbiota. He is also the ass. chairman of Int. Research Consortium Agreement on GIT Microbiota of Aquatic Animals and is in the steering committee of International Fish Microbiota Workshop

Snorre Bakke

Work package leader

Snorre Bakke is an associate professor at the institute of biological sciences (IBA) at NTNU in Ålesund, and member of the research group InnoSEA. The research group focuses on research and education for sustainable aquaculture, including aquaculture-environment interactions. His research is focused on environmental effects on the physiology, biology and behavior of marine species, and he has 14 years of experience from both basic and applied research withing fisheries and aquaculture.

Einar Ringø

Dr. Einar Ringø is professor emeritus at Norwegian College of Fishery Science, Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø. Ringø has scientific experience in microbial ecology, lipid nutrition and electron microscopy in various species of marine fish larvae and fry, numerous fish species, and reindeer since 1982 and has published 242 scientific papers, book reviews and reviews. Even though Dr. Ringø is professor emeritus his current research projects are on: [1] the effect of dietary manipulations on bacteria colonisation in the gastrointestinal tract of fish, [2] the effect of dietary manipulation on fish health and disease resistance, [3] interactions between lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic bacteria by using in vivo and ex vivo methods and [4] gut microbiota and the mucosal immune system

Ingvill Tolås

Ingvill Tolås started in the project as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Bergen. She was later recruited to the position of associate professor at the Department of Biological Sciences at NTNU Ålesund, but remains part of the project as a work package leader, coordinating researcher and press contact. She has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Bergen, and is experienced in the fields of NAD metabolism, molecular parasitology and fish nutrition. In recent years, Ingvill has been working in aquaculture where her focus has been on energy metabolism, appetite control and gut-brain communication in Atlantic salmon. 

Fekadu Yadetie 

Fekadu Yadetie is a researcher in the environmental toxicology group at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen. His background is in the fields of environmental toxicology, genomics and transcriptomics, and his focus has been on molecular mechanisms and effects of environmental chemicals in fish and other animals. He has several years of research experience using molecular and genomic approaches, mainly transcriptomics to understand genome-wide responses to environmental chemicals such as endocrine disrupters, persistent organic pollutants, and methylmercury.

Alisa Ilinskaya

Alisa Ilinskaya is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Biological Sciences, NTNU Ålesund. She has bachelor's degree in physical oceanography and master's degree in environmental chemistry where she researched iron, its  distribution and role in marine environment. Alisa is interested in marine biogeochemistry, interaction between organisms and their environment and interdisciplinary environmental research. 

Qiang Hao

Qiang Hao is a PhD candidate at the Department of biology, NTNU. He earned his Masters degree of Agriculture at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and his research interests are aquatic animals nutrition, fish gastrointestinal health and the interaction between fish gut microbiota with the host. He was supported by the Youth Funding of NSFC in 2022. 

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